Warning sound from knee pain

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Warning sound from knee pain.

knee pain It doesn’t always have to knee osteoarthritis. And it doesn’t only happen to the elderly. Both middle-aged,athletes, those. Who exercise injuries can also occur. At the beginning, the symptoms may start fromback pain butt pain and spread to cause pain in the knee Knee pain like. This is caused byWeak buttock muscles or hip imbalance. Therefore, we should come to know the different types of knee painand what are the different symptoms. in order to find a solution to the root of the problem UFABET.

Khun Phenpicachakorn Saenkham, Clinical Director from Ariya Body Restructuring Institute, 1st floor

life center (Q House Lumpini Building) described knee paie. There are many types of knee pain that are common.is knee pain from osteoarthritis muscle weakness muscle imbalance. The symptoms are different:

knee pain from osteoarthritis Usually occurs in elderly people aged 50 years and over, mostly found in people. Who overweight.The symptoms that indicate osteoarthritis are:

  1. have knee pain It usually pains when moving. or having to walk with weight when resting will be better
    If it’s a lot, it will hurt all the time.
  2. Stiff joints are mostly found in the morning when waking up. When resting in any position for a long time
    continuously without moving
  3. Swelling around the joints may be accompanied by redness and heat when palpating the area around the knee.
  4. there is a deformity of the knee join.t This is cause by the cartilage becoming thinner and the bones rub against each other.
    until bone regeneration causing the knee to be deformed and enlarged. It was found that those with severe knee osteoarthritis knee circumference will be enlarged
  5. a noise inside the knee joint The sound that occurs may come from friction. of the articular surfaces within the knee joint

Knee pain from muscle imbalance 

This usually happens with certain athletes. Requiring kneecarrying a lot of weight, such as runners, cyclists, basketball players, footballers, golfers, etc. The symptoms are:

  1. The pain will be a sharp throbbing pain. Outside or inside of the joint or in front of the knee below the kneecap
    not deep pain down to the knee
  2. The pain is often accompanied by tension in the thigh or hip joint.
  3. The pain will evident. After playing sports or exercising

Knee pain from muscle weakness 

Usually occurs with people. Who lack exercise, work inThe same posture repeatedly for a long time. and stay in the same posture, such as sitting for a long time, and if inWrong behavior. It often causes pain easily. Characteristic symptoms for this group: painIt usually becomes clear when you have to stay in the same position for a long time. Symptoms will get better. When you change your posture.Fatiguing pain, aches and pains throughout the legs, often occurring in conjunction with pain in the buttock muscles ankle or calf painTherefore. When knee pain for any reason You should take care of yourself initially in this way as follows.

  1. When knee pain begins Notice if there is swelling, redness, heat, if any, on the first day of symptoms.
    Pain should be compressed with a cold pad. and placed high across the legs
  2. Any posture that causes pain should be discontinued until the symptoms have healed.
  3. Avoid standing and walking for a long time. This will cause the knee to bear body weight all the time and increase
  4. If taking care of yourself as recommended above, within 3-5 days, the symptoms do not improve. You should consult a specialist
    before the symptoms escalate.