What are the Rules of Sic Bo game?

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Don’t be confused by the layout of the table. It looks quite complex. But Sic Bo game is actually a pretty simple game to play once you get the hang of it. Traditionally, it is played with three dice which are shaken in a cup or basket before being rolled. In Asia, the dice were covered with a white bowl and shaken on a porcelain plate. After the shake the result was revealed.

Of course, since coming to European and American casinos, things have changed a lot. Now the process is automated, with a machine shaking the cup before ‘feeding’ the results into a computer. The computer will light up the winning fields/areas. It’s a pretty pleasant thing to see, with the lit areas being the main attraction for players.games by UFABET 

The essentials of the game, as we already mentioned, are the three dice and the Sic Bo table. Just like in Keno, players bet on the outcome of the roll. It can be a single winning number, two specific numbers or a combination of numbers as well.

Of course, the Sic Bo table isn’t limited to these bets only. There are many side-bets with attractive payouts players love to wager on as well.