Vieira hopes Crystal Palace add more troops before the market closes.

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Crystal Palace head coach Patrick Vieira has admitted. He still needs more troops before the summer transfer window closes. Because now I see that there are not enough options to use.

Vieira, who is set to lead Crystal Palace to kick off the new Premier League season at Selhurst Park for the visit of Arsenal on Friday. Has respond to the question of how ready the team is for season 2022-23.

“As a team manager You definitely need a lot of players. UFABET But so far I am satisfy. We have not many players. We still have a few weeks on the remaining markets.”

Rumors were raised with Manchester United right-back Aaron Wan-Bissaka, who is also a former Crystal Palace player, to which Vieira replied: “It’s difficult to mention names. We have two good players in that position. which is doing a good job.”

For Palace to add to the market this summer, four have already been young winger Malcolm Ebiowe from Derby, goalkeeper Sam Johnston from Derby. West Bromwich Albion, Mali midfielder Cheek Doucure from Lens and United States centre-back Chris Richards from Bayern Munich.

Patrick Vieira, French football legend Appeared to be the new manager of Crystal Palace officially. Ready to strive to develop the team to be stronger in every dimension