Stones flag 2023 Manchester City reserves.

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Manchester City defender John Stones has announced that. He has been aligned with his number one favorite for several years. But has never even won the Champions League. So the 2022-23 season must be anointed.

Manchester City thorn in the era of manager Josep Guardiola is that they have never won the Champions League and are now entering the seventh  season .

Asked , Stones admits that if still incapable of dominating Europe. It’s embarrassing to call yourself the ultimate team. However, do not want to rush out.

“ We have to fight to be successful in every program. Which has been doing it for the last 3-4 years, sweeping all the championships in the country ” opening the mouth to Manchester Evening News UFABET.

“ But the biggest program like CHP has never been touched . So I’ll do my best to get it. I think everyone’s motivation was even higher after what happened on this show last season. ”

“ The domestic The cup has to win it back , the league maintains its position. And make history for the club throughout the season. That was the intention. That event has happened before we won every championship in the country. Repeat is the next step. ” 

“ About the CHAMPIONSHIP CHAMPIONSHIP that has been talked about for many years, it seems that the wait is over . Because I believe in the team in the environmental factors. will complete the mission. ” 

City went as far as possible in the Champions League , reaching the final of 2021 , but lost to Chelsea, while the season before the semi-finals lost to Real Madrid in the second leg of extra-time.