Manchester United haven’t given Hoilund a new shirt number

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Revealed the reason Manchester United have not given the shirt number to Rasmus Hoilund is because the number the Danes striker wants is not yet available, but it may be available soon.

The British media got into Manchester United’s insider information. About why until now the shirt number has not been give to Rasmus Hoilund. The new striker, the owner of 72 million pounds. Because the number A Danish striker wanted, not available yet, but could be available soon.

Hoilund has officially launched in front of the Red Devils fans. In the pre-season game against Lens last Saturday. But until now, the number of the Danish striker’s shirt has not been revealed. Unlike the number 7 that was confirmed to be Mason Mount on the day of his debut. He move from Chelsea.

It is speculated that Hoilund could accept any number of available numbers. Such as 13, 15, 30, 31 or even 32, which once belonged to legendary Argentine striker Carlos. Tevez before

However, the Daily Mail says Hoilund wants to wear the number 17, who had been with Atalanta all season before. which now belongs to Brazilian midfielder Fred. สมัคร ufabet

So Hoilund should have to wait a bit longer for Fred to leave Old Trafford following the news that Man United hope to sell the Samba midfielder this week. to open the way for Sofiane Amrabat to enter the position instead

In addition to Fred, the number 34 shirt owned by Donnie van de Beek is likely to become available as well. When the Dutch midfielder is another person prepared to be released. Whether in the form of outright sale or loan