Bayern have booked a house for Harry Kane to move in

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Bayern Munich are sure to get Harry Kane soon, of course, by booking a villa in a luxury area. Wait for the players to bring their families to move in immediately.

Bayern Munich are confident that Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane will soon be able to add to the offensive game soon, of course, by booking a villa in a luxury area. Waiting for the captain of the England national team Come by yourself and move in right away. ufabet

Kane is Bayern’s top target this summer. who want a new No. 9 shooting star to do his duty After failing with every option since Robert Lewandowski moved to Barcelona

Although negotiations with Spurs are not easy. With the price wall set by Daniel Levy, president of the Golden Spurs team, Bayern still believes that they will be able to close the deal to grab the 29-year-old striker soon.

The Mirror reported the latest progress that Bayern has booked a luxury villa. In the area of ​​the billionaires in Munich already waiting for Ken to be able to move in as soon as Spurs open the green light to accept the offer.

As for the captain of the England national team itself also wanted to move to Bayern, but the German media said He wants to leave as a compromise with the fans. and the best club After working together for ten years Since he was a youth in the Academy

Bayern still expect Kane to arrive in time for the 2023 DFL Super Cup match against RB Leipzig on Saturday, August 12.