Before becoming a comic book series, there was first an "autobiographical" game series of the same name starting in 2004. These games reflect a younger, and much dumber, Jonny that the present Jonny would like to beat up in an alley if he could (and if present Jonny was that sort of person, which he's not). Prepare for stupid stuff.

JONNY RPG (2004)

The first experimental/autobiographical game based on the life of a game designer named Jonny. Featuring gameplay from every genre you can think of (adventure, platform, spaceshooter, sports...), entirely spontaneous plot developement, epic boss fights, and intense goat-riding action! (don't ask) Heaps of secrets and extras too, some of which are thoroughly embarrassing in retrospect!

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The semi-sequel to the original JonnyRPG, only now more action-packed and arcade style! Featuring two modes: 'Arcade' with treasure collecting, power-ups, monster fighting, boss battling goodness, and the insane 'Survival' where you take on up to 70 monsters at a time for as long as you can! Featuring an online scoreboard system, too.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Jonny RPG 1...

Q: How do I beat that "Click My Box" guy?!
A: Don't click his boxes. Just hit him once to stun him (stars spin around his body) then hit him again and run! Repeat!

Q: Seriously, how do I beat that nightmare rabbit thing?!
A: Get close enough to hit her, then move away, repeat. When you get cornered, SUPER-JUMP OVER! Yes, you have super-jump now. What gives?

Q: What's that "Daily Click" place all about?
A: Some dumb thing you don't need to bother with. You need to have a knowledge of Clickteam products to get answer the questions to get in.

Q: What's Super Jonny RPG Mode?
A: A special extended version with some different stuff and an extra level or two. Seriously! You gotta beat the game in Hard Mode to unlock it.

Q: Is there other secret stuff?
A: Yes. Lots! Did you figure out the cow one? I've said too much!


Q: Eh... hi.
A: That's not a question. I guess this game isn't that hard to figure out.

Q: Oh, I've got one!
A: Too late, this is over!

Jonny RPG 2er3...

Q: When's the third game coming out?
A: Never! And I don't know what you're talking about.

Q: What about the video on the internet?

Q: But...
A: (runs out of room in frantic, comical fasion)


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